Belladonna Greg is about the total beauty experience. I just don't do your hair, I become your hair and you end up walking out of my salon feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and renewed with your new look. I treat all of my clients as my very special and intimate friends. Our relationship will build and become one that will allow us both to basically know what each other is thinking without saying a word. Come and join the adventure of the Belladonna Greg hair experience.

Multitalented artist, creative director, stylist for Belladonna Salon & Spa Is now back in the Tampa Bay area after a three year tour and study in Europe. Bringing with him all the latest in cutting edge styles and color techniques, his extensive travels took him to Eastern Europe, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and then down to Italy where he attended the 50 year Anniversary for Kemon, Italy’s finest hair color and styling product company. Then to Bologna Italy to the 2009 Cosmoproff Beauty show, the largest Beauty Show in the world where he meet and worked with some of the best creative hair designers. The woman in Europe with their hair styles and hair color were very feminine, most beautiful natural and sexy. Gregory wants to give the women here in the Tampa Bay that softest and European Style is offering a free conciliation to meet him and give you some new possibilities for the new you.

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